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Income Protection Insurance

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What is Income Protection Insurance ? – simply put, it is a an insurance product that is designed to provide income support to you when you are sick or injured for an extended period of time.

Typically, income protection insurance pays you up to 75% or your normal weekly wage. You will continue to receive this benefit payment until such time as you are deemed ready to return to work, or until such time as your maximum benefit period has expired (depending on which policy option you select).

Another key feature relating to income protection insurance is with regards to it being a claimable item for taxation purposes. This is a very attactive feature for most policy holders. The actual amount of your income protection insurance premium that you can claim may be different depending on the specific type of income protection insurance policy that you purchase. As with all financial products, we encourage you to seek advice from your financial adviser or accountant.

Policies for this type of insurance are many and varied, with no two being exactly alike. They can be tailored to meet your exact personal requirements. Your own personal circumstances, the insurance company, as well as the policy options that you select, will all influence your final premium amount. To receive income protection insurance quotes from our panel of up to x12 insurance providers, please complete the form at the top of this page.


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